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Newsblog 11 from 06.11.2019

In the meantime everybody is connected everywhere. A connection to the Internet is as natural as the supermarket around the corner. Without it, it just does not work anymore. But what kind of network is behind it? But on a cruise ship things are a little different! ... read more


Newsblog 10 from 23.10.2019

On 15.10.2019 was the "Information overload Day". For us it is time to write about the flood of information that has reached us every day. Is that a curse or a blessing? Here are some simple tips on how to handle it better. ... read more


Newsblog 9 from 16.10.2019

Many small and medium-sized companies have invested heavily in IT systems in recent years. From time to time this created choas, as the left picture shows. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of this and costs are exploding. What do we advise in such cases? ... read more


Newsblog 8 from 08.10.2019

Specifications and product specifications are a thing of the past. Meanwhile, new much more flexible methods have prevailed. How to make your software development much more efficiently while saving a lot of money and time is described in our latest blog. ... read more


Newsblog 7 from 02.10.2019

Is it advisable to work together with freelancers in software development or not? What experiences have we made or what should someone pay attention to when freelancers program for him? ... read more


Newsblog 6 from 25.09.2019

What is "Internet of Things"? Depending on who you ask, there are different answers to this question. The fact is that the term IoT is one of the most frequently mentioned things in connection with digitization or software projects. But what do we mean by that? ... read more


Newsblog 5 from 18.09.2019

Is digitization like a cold? Does that go away again? By means of a small example, we show how even small tools can achieve great results.

Let yourself be surprised! ... read more


Newsblog 4 from 11.09.2019

We have implemented many software projects in the past years. We also made mistakes. We want to summarize the 7 biggest mistakes from our point of view in today's news blog. Discussions on this topic are more than welcome! ... read more


Newsblog 3 from 04.09.2019

IPTV was the breakthrough in digital and interactive TV. Bringing this technique onto a big cruise vessel has been a bit of an adventure. We tested the whole thing in a complete new dimension. ... read more


Newsblog 2  from 28.08.2019

Why do we work almost exclusively with Polish programmers? Why do not we use programmers from India, the US or anywhere else in the world?

Our answer is as amazing as it is easy! ‚Äč... read more


Newsblog 1 from 22.08.2019

Why do we write a newsletter now? What do we have to say? The left picture gives the answer and is surprising. Can we change the world?  ... read more


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