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Newsblog 10 

Rostock - 23.10.2019 

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 10th Newsblog from Lakeshore Operations GmbH.

On 15.10.2019 the "Information Overload Day" was celebrated worldwide.

Did anyone know that? It probably has not been rumoured yet that there is such a day.

Several years ago, this day was declared a "Information Overload Awareness Day" by a group of entrepreneurs and scientists focused on workplace productivity and new technologies.

The inbox is always full, really corrosive!

At the present time, everyone has access to an inexhaustible amount of information and knowledge that they can retrieve themselves via the Internet.

Many of this information also end up on their workstation every day without being asked. According to a study, every average "knowledge worker" receives about 93 e-mails a day. A "knowledge worker" is someone who spends his daily work with the computer - that is, a large part of the working people.

Someone figured out that if all 10% sent fewer emails, that would have an impact of about $ 180 billion per year worldwide.

What a huge sum!!!

Blessing and curse at the same time!

The digitization of the workplace is thus both a blessing and a curse.

The problem with flooding is the immediate loss of focus that occurs when an unexpected email is opened.

When the boss writes an urgent e-mail to his 20 employees, all 20 employees stop work and lose focus when they open the e-mail.

It often takes 3 minutes for the employee to be back where he was interrupted before. One or the other thinks after such a break, that I now quickly get a coffee or just take a smoke break.

For example, an urgent e-mail from the boss with 20 employees can quickly lead to a productivity loss of one hour or more.

Everyone should therefore consider when to send an urgent e-mail.

When something is needed really fast, a telephone is often the better choice.

In large companies, people quickly get used to putting anyone who can say something on the subject into a copy of every email.

Not infrequently, I have seen e-mails in which the list of recipients in CC was longer than the entire e-mail.

The e-mails will also be answered with the previous e-mail. This makes the entire email history visible to all. When content is discussed for a long time, entire novels have been created there. I'm just wondering who should read it all.

E-Mail flood after the holiday, unbelievable!

Very exciting is the first day after the holiday, if one has really not read his e-mails for three weeks. Since it is not uncommon that there 500-1000 emails jump directly when opening the e-mail mailbox.

Anyone who wants to read and answer these emails should immediately close his office door at least for the next three days.

Not to be underestimated are the distractions of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Every second, a new post is ticking in. If someone only wants to respond to every 100th post, he would be fully utilized during the day.

The good thing is that everyone has only 24 hours a day available. When we sleep about 7 hours a day, we will still have 17 hours available...

What can you do against this flood of information?

But why do some people fall into depression and get a burn out and why are others mega successful?

In our eyes, the main problem is the focus. We have to use a proper filter so that not all information can directly reach us.

Here some examples.

So not every e-mail has to be answered immediately by the boss. However, if the boss insists, you should ask yourself if you still have the right boss, and if in doubt, change your job.

A few simple tips for immediate implementation!

Introduce times, maybe 3 times a day, when you check your emails.

Consistently turn off the phone and cell phone when you need to focus on an important job.

Find the right filter for you!

Here are two tips for dealing with emails that worked well for me.

For years, I filtered out all emails in which I'm copied in cc and saved them automatically in a copy directory. So, I filtered out at least 70% unimportant e-mails in one step.

What do I do with my unopened emails during my vacation?

I do not open e-mails on vacation. In my absence email, I simply write that I am currently unavailable. For important news, you can contact me via SMS. Do you know how many text messages I get on holiday? Almost none!!

After my vacation, however, I have> 500 emails in my mailbox.

These e-mails I then consistently put in an e-mail directory "leave". My inbox becomes immediately empty and I am productive again. Astonishingly, I feel much better as well. I ask my colleagues in the first days, if there was something important.

Do not take yourself so important!

Someone who is waiting for an answer from me will contact me again.

That's working. Try it out!

Find the right filter for yourself, for not losing your focus and you can only smile about the "Information Overload Day".

In the end, you should not take yourself so important. In general, the business also runs when you’re not there.

Exciting for you!

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Which way do you want to go?

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We wish you much success!

Best regards

Jürgen Möller & Gunnar Bock

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