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Newsblog 1 

Rostock - 22.08.2019 

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our first newsletter from Lakeshore Operations GmbH.
Why are we actually writing this newsblog? We tell you.


Look at this picture! From our view, it symbolizes the congestion of digitization around us.
Sure, the picture is a little over the top, but it's amazing that it looks like as in many places. Look into your own company! How many meters of file folders are still there? Lawyers and hospitals run entire halls full of paper files ... and every day new paper mountains are produced. Everyone has at home a variety of folders for insurance, electricity and water bills or other documents. If someone is looking for something, nobody will find it. Why is that? Why are so many invoices still being sent by paper? That's stuff from yesterday, right?

The fact is!

We love IT and what IT is able to change.
Just look back the past 20 years! A world without internet is simply unimaginable today. Almost everywhere and at any time information and knowledge are available.
Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and do tasks within a few minutes, which were previously extremely time consuming. We think of such meanwhile self-evident things as bank transfers, shopping, hotel reservations or rental car, retrieve weather, rent videos and, and, and.

That will interest you!

Digitization, as we call it, has not only taken hold in the private sector, but also in business, survival without digitized processes is no longer possible. Whether sales, purchasing, accounting, logistics, production – no matter in which areas of professional life we look, IT is used everywhere and has changed the working life drastically.

Do you know this?

Many people see the term digitization only as a cloud or phrase that everyone talks about but nobody really understands. Anyone who has ever introduced an IT system in a company, knows what rejection or skepticism means. This conversion costs a lot of strength, time and above all a lot of resources. But once the new system is stable, everyone wonders how to worked in the past.

How to secure your future!

The process of digitization is unstoppable. We also believe that we are just at the beginning. We think it's better for an entrepreneur to go along this path rather than running after it.
Digitization brings serious changes but also great opportunities.

In this newsletter we will report on successful digitization processes at regular intervals so that you and your company are prepared for it and survive in this age. No - this is really not just about survival, it's all about how you depend on the competition with the right IT strategies and leave miles behind.

Would you have thought that?

In this business, the fastest is usually the one who will harvest the thickest potatoes. We want to give a lot of input on how everyone can use digitization for themselves.
This process is unstoppable. Take the chance, so that you too can secure your success in the future! Your competitors will be faster otherwise.

Exciting for you!

The Lakeshore Operations GmbH is a software house, which was founded in 2016, to support companies in the processes of digitization. We can draw on more than 20 years of experience. With IT experts from Rostock and Hamburg as well as programmers from Poland, Lakeshore Operations GmbH has a powerful team to support large or small companies in their IT or software projects.

Which way do you want to go?

​Have you decided to bring your company up to date with digital progress? Do you want to find the right solutions so that you can shorten your work processes? Then you are exactly right here.
This will enable you to overtake your competitors and secure a place in the market. It is not the big one who eats the little one, but the fast one who eats the slow ones.

We wish you much success!

Best regards

Jürgen Möller & Gunnar Bock

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