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Newsblog 2  

Rostock - 28.08.2019 

Dear readers,

Welcome to our second newsletter from Lakeshore Operations GmbH!
We are a software house specializing in cooperation with Polish programmers.
But why are we doing that? Why we don’twork with developers from India or the USA? Why are we focusing on Polish programmers?
We simply want to answer these questions in this newsletter.

Surprising ranking!

The well-known IT platform "Hacker Rank" (https://www.hackerrank.com/) has made an analysis of the most talented countries in terms of coding and created a Top100 list.
Who is at the forefront of the IT battle for the best programming trade? No, the countries that would suspect most are not there.
Most of you may think of India programmers here. But India ended up only on rank 31st. Even the United States also ended up on the 28th level. Germany did not fare so badly and took 14th place.

Who can develop algorithms the fastest?

Hacker Rank is a platform where developers can test their programming skills. It regularly publishes complex challenges in various programming languages that programmers can measure.
As a rule, the tasks there have to be solved quickly and without errors in order to achieve a good ranking. For this study, the data of the 1.5 million registerd developers were analyzed and sorted by nationality.

Not a surprise for us!

Poland was already in third place, which was not surprising for us. Rank 1 and 2 went to China and Russia.
But why does Poland have such a good ranking?
We see two main reasons here. While in Germany the subject Informatics mainly explains the handling of Word, EXCEL and other standard software tools, many Polish schools offer an extended informatics class, in which above all the solving of tasks is trained by algorithms.
So already very young people from Poland got in contact with the basics of programming at an early stage. In a playful way, tasks are solved where the skills of a programmer are needed.

That is fun!

Second, the approach to a task is much more pragmatic and less complicated than perhaps anywhere else in the world.
We can still remember how Polish programmers once used a cardboard box to present the operation of a ticket printing machine. There, they installed a screen, card reader and printer to demonstrate the functionality to the CEO of a large company.
This box fully fulfilled its purpose there and produced a smile on the face of audience. We feel that this is a straightforward way to reach your destination much faster. Ornate presentations or flowery statements hardly exist. The collaboration is just fun.

The reason is so simple!

Yes, that is the main reason for our cooperation! "It's just fun!"
Then there is the proximity of our programmers, which makes it very easy to sit down together for a project meeting.
We have been working with the most diverse programmers in the world for the past 15-20 years. Among them were programmers from India, Malaysia, USA, Italy, Spain and also Germany.
We were completely convinced by the price-performance ratio of Polish programmers. We want to pass on these advantages to our customers so that they enjoy working together as much as we do.

Exciting for you!

The Lakeshore Operations GmbH is a software house, which was founded in 2016 to support companies in the digitization processes. We can draw on more than 20 years of experience. With IT experts from Rostock and Hamburg as well as programmers from Poland, Lakeshore Operations GmbH has a powerful team to support large or small companies in their IT or software projects.

Which way do you want to go?

Have you decided to bring your company up to date with digital progress? Do you want to find the right solutions so that you can shorten your work processes? Then you are exactly right here.
This will enable you to overtake your competitors and secure a place in the market. It is not the big one who eats the little one, but the fast one who eats the slow ones.

We wish you much success!

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