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Newsblog 5  

Rostock - 18.09.2019 

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our fifth news blog from Lakeshore Operations GmbH.

Digitization is like a cold. That passes again!

That was the subject of a panel discussion at a conference on digitization. It was very exciting, what was said there by the experts.

Is digitization boring?

What is it all about at the core?

For many people, the term "digitization" is pretty much worn out, so some just do not want to hear it anymore. Few can concretely imagine something. "What should digitalisation bring? It only costs a lot of money. I can throw my money right out the window. "

In fact, the term digitization is used by many self-proclaimed specialists, because it is just the "hype" and you can position yourself as an expert.

What do I get from that?

But nobody buys anything if they do not really understand the benefits of a product or service. The term digitization is therefore quite unsuitable for winning customers.

We have to show with which IT products or services we create real added value that customers like to buy.

Here are usually the hurdles that still have to be overcome. We do not know the exact processes in a company unknown to us in detail. The entrepreneur has established recurrent processes over the years that simply function in his eyes. He does not know that these workflows can run much more efficiently through the use of modern technologies and manual labor can be easily automated.

Does the cold really go away?

If we talk to the customer about digitization at that point, then he quickly stops listening and thinks. "It's like a cold! That goes away again. "

This is where the challenge of digitization lies. Businesses first have to identify their problem before they really look for a solution. Had Henry Ford asked his customers what they wanted, then he might have gotten the answer: "We need faster horses!"

We would like to briefly show with a very simple example from the gastronomy industry how even small IT solutions can achieve great results.

An exciting example from the gastronomy!

In gastronomy, inventories are the key to reducing costs. For a restaurant, a night club or a nightclub with several bars, it is very important to check whether the use of goods correlates with the actual sales.

Ultimately, this can only be determined by regular inventories in a bar or restaurant.

In many places, inventories in a bar are recorded almost exclusively manually.

Armed with a pen and a piece of paper, the employees copy the fill levels of the bottles from each shelf and then type them into their inventory management inventory program.

What's that crazy effort?

This means that two employees are often fully occupied for one hour a week in a larger bar. Since everyone can quickly extrapolate how many hours a year are required.

For this reason, we have developed a small app in which the fill levels of the individual bottles can be directly recorded on a shelf using a smartphone (see picture on the left).

These inventory data are then transferred to the merchandise management or POS system at the touch of a button. Paper and pen are completely obsolete.

Due to the full integration into a cash register or merchandise management system, the data can be evaluated immediately in the company.

Is not that cool?

The time savings are at least 50% and the error rate has also halved. Furthermore, these inventories are permanently saved for later revisions.

Thus, even small tools can achieve very good savings.

It therefore always makes sense to constantly question your own work processes in your company and to look for optimizations. Digitization is therefore not a cold that someday goes again. This process will permanently accompany all companies.

If you need help, please contact us!

Exciting for you!

The Lakeshore Operations GmbH is a software house, which was founded in 2016 to support companies in the digitization processes. We can draw on more than 20 years of experience. With IT experts from Rostock and Hamburg as well as programmers from Poland, Lakeshore Operations GmbH has a powerful team to support large or small companies in their IT or software projects.

Which way do you want to go?

Have you decided to bring your company up to date with digital progress? Do you want to find the right solutions so that you can shorten your work processes? Then you are exactly right here.
This will enable you to overtake your competitors and secure a place in the market. It is not the big one who eats the little one, but the fast one who eats the slow ones.

We wish you much success!

Best regards

Jürgen Möller & Gunnar Bock

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