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Newsblog 6 

Rostock - 25.09.2019 

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our sixth news blog from Lakeshore Operations GmbH.

Today we want to write about the topic "Internet of Things" or "IoT" for short.

In the meantime, IoT has become a phrase like digitization. Everyone talks about it, but many have a vague idea of ​​what it means.

We want to introduce our view of things here.

Depending on who you ask, there are different answers to the question "What is IoT?".

What is IoT?

Politics speaks of a "technical vision to integrate objects of every kind into a universal digital network". Other terms such as "machine-to-machine communication", "smart factory" and "smart grid" are assigned to the Internet of Things.

In the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon, the term Internet of Things refers to the networking of of objects with the Internet, so that these objects communicates independently on the Internet and so can do different tasks for the owner.

On the website ITWissen.info you will find many keywords. One speaks of "Smart Objects" or "Intelligent Electronic Devices" or "Internet of Everything".

The chaos is now perfect! What is IoT now and, above all, what kind of customer benefit does the topic have or who needs it?

Fact is!

The Internet of Things is already very present around us, without us having consciously perceived it.

Meanwhile, almost every piece of equipment, whether in the B2C or B2B area, collects a lot of data about itself or its surroundings.

Both refrigerators, washing machines, coffee machines and sensors in highly complex technical systems are able to provide the user with data over the network / Internet.

A coffee machine may signal that e.g. the coffeepot will soon be empty. A washing machine can inform that the water temperature is too low. Technical sensors can display data of individual components, so that a technician can quickly see the condition of this system and possibly detect a fault before it is really noticed.

Who needs IoT?

But why is everyone talking about it when many machines (things) supply that data already?

The challenge now is not to read the data, but to make the data meaningful to the end user.

We would like to illustrate this with an example and, above all, point out the benefits for the customers.

A holiday resort has connected many technical devices to its own network with great effort. Whether a convector oven, refrigerator, coffee machine or vending machine, all these devices have a network connection and are connected to the network.

Interesting for you!

But what now? Hardly anyone manages to capture the data of these machines and present it clearly.

With a manufacturer app, the data may be retrievable and can be evaluated accordingly. With a large number of devices from the various suppliers, there will be many apps.

It lacks a reasonable integrated presentation.

An employee must check every day each device to verify if the device is still working. Is there enough coffee in the coffee machine? Is the drinks dispenser still stocked and is the temperature sufficient?

Depending on the size of the department, the employee is busy for hours.

Why collecting data is good?

This is where IoT comes into view.

After all, it makes sense to retrieve the data from the devices on a regular basis and to present it clearly at a central location. So, the employee has the status of his equipment recorded at a glance and only needs to go when one of the machines really needs his attention.

Here, the process for monitoring the devices can be shortened many times and the working time of the employee can be used more effectively.

As always, the availability of the data is not the problem, but the networking and presentation of this data.

Here are the challenges in the IoT area in our eyes. It is not the provision of the data. It is the collection of data at a central location and the meaningful presentation, so that the customer can shorten or optimize his work processes.

What do you think of IoT?

Do you have similar problems? Write us! We appreciate feedback.

Exciting for you!

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