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Newsblog 9 

Rostock - 16.10.2019 

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 9th Newsblog from Lakeshore Operations GmbH.

One of our main focus besides the general software development is the consulting of small and medium sized companies.

We have met many companies that have invested heavily in their IT infrastructure over the years.

Confusion in the own server room

Not infrequently we find a technical room, which was treated very stepmotherly.

Mostly there is a cable clutter in front of a large IT cabinet. Various servers, PCs, switches or other equipment flashes there.

Only rarely are these rooms really closed. There is no protection against fire or similar dangers there.

The software programs used in the company often go hand in hand with the confusion of hardware.

Isolated software programs

Accounting is supported by appropriate billing programs - the production makes use of various EXCEL tables or access programs, which often have been developed even a long time ago. Sales may have a CRM program to manage your customers to prepare offers. Files are stored on a local machine or on a server in the technical locker.

Believe us, you will find this picture many times.

Your own existence is at stake here!

Such companies have two fundamental problems.

1. The IT infrastructure installed there is in no way scalable. The data that needs to be exchanged between the systems can many times only be exchanged manually.

2. The technical locker is not protected. If there is a real crash with loss of data according to fire or water, then it can have an existential impact on the company.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions!

But there are also good news. We can definitely help here and it’s not expensive.

Today, there are excellent cloud systems that really make it easy to swap data.

File storage can be completely stored in the cloud for very small money. Large companies even offer to guarantee the place of storage to be in Germany. This is especially important in times of the GDPR.

Phone systems exist as virtual systems, where only an Internet connection is necessary. These phone systems have the great advantage that they can be expanded immediately at the push of a button and by "throwing in coins".

Modern ERP systems can catapult companies forward!

Modern ERP systems are available as cloud systems. Again, only an internet connection is necessary. The number of users and the use of the modules can be easily scaled. The data of the individual departments such as sales, production and accounting are available for all users in the ERP system. Manual data transfer becomes completely obsolete.

Leave your data to the professionals!

In addition, the operation of the cloud systems is taken over by professionals. This is currently the best protection for the data and is always better than the own technical room.

Extended backup services can be booked here at any time, so that the company clearly gains data security.

This completely eliminates the technical room in a small and medium-sized company. There is only one network infrastructure necessary to support the local PC's or Laptops in the offices. If this fails once, the failure is always limited in time and does not lead to final data loss.

Modernization while saving money?

The good news is that after switching to a cloud system, system operation is much cheaper than before.

Yes, a true business case can be built that will help the company save a lot of money.

Apply for a first free consultation session!

If you feel that your IT infrastructure has grown chaotic in the recent years and you feel uncomfortable and do not know what to do, then contact us.

We offer a first free consultation session by phone, where we provide you with actionable points. Already these points will bring you significantly forward.

Then you can decide which steps you want to take.

Exciting for you!

The Lakeshore Operations GmbH is a software house, which was founded in 2016 to support companies in the digitization processes. We can draw on more than 20 years of experience. With IT experts from Rostock and Hamburg as well as programmers from Poland, Lakeshore Operations GmbH has a powerful team to support large or small companies in their IT or software projects.

Which way do you want to go?

Have you decided to bring your company up to date with digital progress? Do you want to find the right solutions so that you can shorten your work processes? Then you are exactly right here.
This will enable you to overtake your competitors and secure a place in the market. It is not the big one who eats the little one, but the fast one who eats the slow ones.

We wish you much success!

Best regards

Jürgen Möller & Gunnar Bock

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